Saturday, August 8, 2009

School Starting

As my summer flew by, I couldn't help but think that school was still "weeks away", but I think it's time to accept that school is starting in a few short days. I realized that school will always come sneaking up from behind when you have your back turned the other way. I kept putting off the things I needed to get done, because I "still had plenty of time before school". I had to get registered for high school and the one college class I'm taking this year all in one day. Which means I did a lot of running back and forth between the high school and Dixie State College. I have also found that if you wait until the last minute, a lot more unexpected things come up. You know, things like emergency hospital visits and stuff like that. :) But I think I will be mostly prepared for school by the time it starts...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time Well Spent

I recently got to spend some good times with Jessica, Colby, and Smokey Joe. We did many different things, like packing boxes, going shopping, packing boxes, getting haircuts, and did I mention packing boxes?! Yeah, I went and helped Jessica pack up all of her belongings.
My journey began, surprisingly, at Pine View High School on July 22nd. I went up on a bus with all the other bando's from the Washington County School's to perform in two parades. We practiced for two hours about 2-3 times a week. It was well worth all of our efforts when we marched in both The Bountiful Handcart parade as well as The Days of '47 parade. After the Days of '47 parade, the band went and spent the afternoon playing at Lagoon. I had a fantastic time with all of my friend's that went!! On July 25th we went to 7 Peaks water park and played until about 3:30 in the afternoon. I was picked up by Jessica and Colby and taken back to their house (and a really nice shower!!)
While amidst all the scramble to pack, Jessica, Jordanne, Courtney(who had come up for a night), and I found time to stop by Jessica's hairdresser. I was convinced by Jordanne to cut my hair really short again... It feels so much lighter!! :) It's definitely a change, though.
I stayed with them in Salt Lake until July 31, and we proceeded with "The Move". (You can read her blog for details). I stayed in Pheonix with her until the following Monday, and then I finally made it home :) It was a really good trip with my time well spent! At least I wasn't sitting at home doing nothing!! :)

New Beginnings

Well, since I did so poorly on the "family blog" that I set up, I'm hoping this personal one will do better. :) I picked Wrandom Writings as my title because it seemed to fit me and what most of my writings will be about. I know that "Wrandom" is spelled wrong, but I also did that on purpose. I did it to be different and because it looks kind of cool. :) but that's just my opinion. I hope everyone will find this blog much more interesting than our family one and I also hope that I can get more pictures for it.