Friday, January 1, 2010


This past week I got the opportunity to drive up to Beaver to spend a few days with Jocee. It was so much fun!!! I also had some interesting experiences while I was up there. I had my first opportunity to drive in the snow, as well as got hit with snow from a passing snow plow.
I went up on Monday afternoon and stayed until yesterday afternoon. During my stay, I got to go sledding, watch my niece and nephew, and watch "Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure"(which was a very cute movie) :) I really enjoyed going sledding with Brejden and Mily, but it was a little cold and our adventure was cut short when Mily informed me "I haf to go potty." I ran her and Brejden to the car as fast as I could, buckled them in, and drove as quickly as I dared in the snow. When we got back to Jocee's, she said "I don't hafta go anymore, Aunt Jill." little did I realize that she had gone in her underwear...but Jocee found out and sent both her and Brejden to take a shower. It was freezing cold up in the snow, but very fun! :)
On the Tuesday I was there, Jocee had to take Cartr to the doctor to get him circumcised. The doctor was in Cedar, so I got to watch her kids. When they woke up from their naps I played Candy Land with them, then a few other games. After a little while we decided to watch a movie and that was when I saw "Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure". A very cute movie :) I really enjoyed it :) Jocee brought home some pizza and we ate that for dinner.
On Wednesday it snowed all day. We went to a friend of Jocee's just to visit and hang out, and I got to see their beautiful horses :) It was a lot of fun visiting with them and seeing Shiloh again (who went with us to the Taylor Swift concert last May). When we were leaving, Jocee had already climbed into the car, and the two boys were all buckled in. I was doing Mily's buckle up when all of the sudden a loud car was coming down the road. I didn't think anything else of it, but then it passed. It was a snow-plow and I got a back full of snow as well as a lot in the car itself. Mily was complaining because she got a little wet too. It was really funny though, and makes for a great story! :)