Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Chance

I took a deep breath and walked onto the stage. My steps were steady and I concentrated on that one movement. One foot up, forward, down. Over and over I walked until I reached my seat on the broad stage. I hadn’t tripped on my way on, no thanks to the floor-length black formal or the high-heels my sisters had talked me in to buying. My flute was held delicately in my right hand and I sat slowly upon the plush red velvet chair. I knew the hundreds of people were here to experience my elegant sound along with that of the small ensemble filling chairs around me. A few short hours ago I felt like I had practiced so much I could play the songs in my sleep, but now I was wishing I had practiced more. A chair scraped slightly, startling me out of my reverie and I looked at the crowd. The lights on the stage made it impossible to make out anything except knowing people were watching, waiting, and most of all expecting great things. The conductor walked onto the stage amidst clapping, he took a bow, turned, and stepped on the podium. I immediately lifted my flute to my lips and they curved naturally on the cool metal. Our maestro lifted the wood baton, gave a short up beat and immediately started into the swift song. The music was flowing through the hall as if on a river of wind, but it gently swayed through the crowd until they were enraptured by the sound. I stood at my solo and blew with all the beauty and elegance I possessed in my being and played my heart out until the audience, and even I, was taken up by the sway of the song. Before I knew it, the performance was over and the roar of the applause was deafening. It was a miraculous performance.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Last Saturday was my school's preference, unfortunately when I asked Corey Kimzy to go with me, I was unaware of my softball tournament that day. Luckily for me, Corey had a track meet, so I didn't let him down! ;) Well, we still went to dinner, got pictures done, and went to the dance. I was so sunburned that my red dress blended in with my skin!!! It was way fun, though, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Even if we were a little crazy after the dance due to lack of sleep and way too much time in the sun! Tia was the only one around to do my hair, and she did fabulously!!! It looked great!!! :) She was so fantastic! I will get pictures up as soon as possible!! :) I promise! :)